Lungfull is fusing elements of metal, rock, rap and sampling delivered with strong vocals in a raw, powerful, high energy style. Lungfull is:

Saner Ariduru - Vocals, Percussions

Gabriel Isuku - Rap, Vocals,Keyboards

Philip Eschenbach - Bass, Vocals

Marc Patrick Fleischer - Guitars, Vocals

Willi Wurm - Drums, Vocals

With songs ranging from doubts of existence to societal dillusions, each performance is a true audio/visual experience. Lungfull History: 1990 - Lungfull (then called Double Food Machine) opened for Sheer Terror and Jughead's Revenge (Berlin, Leipzig, Munich), Chumbawumba, Neurosis, Skrew, Unsane, Surgery (Munich), Rich Kids on LSD (Augsburg) and many more...

1993 - Double Food Machine becomes Lungfull and releases first demo. 1996- CD "With best regards...carry on sleeping" ( Unreleased ) 1999- Recording the CD "Servate Vos" Lungfull has played live supporting bands such as Gwar, Sick of it All, Snapcase, Sheer Terror, Jughead's Revenge, Dub War, Tempo al Tempo, Rinderwahnsinn, Killed on X-mas, Harmful, Satanic Surfers and many others.